Allen Continuous Filter


Allen Continuous Filter
Allen Continuous Filter


Reduces maintenance cost

Extends oil service life

Efficient economical operation

Full range of sizes and capacities


Hydraulic oil

Cutting Oil

Lubrication oil

Edible oils

Fuel oils


The Allen Continuous Filter system (ACF) is designed and
crafted to provide reliable continuous filtration and purification
by removing numerous contaminants from all
types of fluids, passing the fluid through a high-grade
filter at full flow. Allen Filters is looked upon as the quality
manufacturer of filtration equipment, in the areas of
design and craftsmanship as well as operating efficiency
all over the world. All ACM vessels are built to ASME code
standards and hydrostatically tested and inspected before
shipment. The ACM can be used in conjunction with any
Allen Filters filter element which allows for a wide variety
of filtration and adsorbing solutions. Portable, stationary,
or trailer-mounted, the ACM can be outfitted to perform
in the most grueling conditions. Clean oil is paramount to
the success of the maintenance program and the ACM has
the tools and options to filter, purify, and save the assets
of your company.

ACF Specifications

Outside Diameter
8–60 in
(20.3–152.4 cm)
34–78 in
(86.4–198.1 cm)
60–4,500 lb
(27.2–2,041.2 kg)
Flow Rate
Simplex: 3–3,200 gal/min
(11.4–12,113.3 L/min)
Duplex: Up to 6,400 gal/min
(24,226.6 L/min)
Water Removal
With optional filter element
Positive displacement, gear
Power Supply
480 V, 60 Hz, 3-phase
380 V, 50 Hz, 3-phase
230 V, 60 Hz, 3-phase
110 V, 60 Hz, 1-phase
Operating Temperature
Operating Pressure
40–300 psi
(275,790.3–2,068,427.2 Pa)
Inlet Connections
2–8 in (5.1–20.3 cm), NPT or
RF flanged
Outlet Connections
2–8 in (5.1–20.3 cm), NPT or
RF flanged
Materials of Construction
Carbon steel
Stainless steel
System Gauges & Indicators
Alarm light
Code Construction

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