Corporate Overview of Allen Filters

In the years since its founding in 1948, Allen Filters Inc. has remained steadfast in its commitment to environmen­tal stewardship, solving unique and challenging problems, and offering valuable, relevant consultation to its many and varied customers. Allen Filters entered the market as a leader in filtration technology and-through continuous innovation-has earnecl a reputation for superior qual­ity, excellence, longevity, and reliability. With the wisdom and knowledge acquired from dealing with businesses of every scope and size across all industries, Allen Filters will always deliver the most efficient, cost effective, and reliable solutions available. Furthermore, Allen Filters is forever committed to finding and providing solutions that are environmentally responsible.
Systems and Products
Regardless of the application, Allen Filters addresses a broad range of fluid purification and filtration needs. And with ongoing research and development, new technologies are continually being implemented to extend the life of your capital equipment.
Filter Elements
Allen Filters offers a co:µiplete selection of filter elements to accommodate your specific needs. Many of our filter elements are manufactured on-site, guaranteeing a long life-cycle, high dirt-load capacity, and the highest in qual­ity craftsmanship.
Industries Served
Allen Filters serves a vast and growing array of industries. With core technologies and standards that have been in place since 1948, we are able to customize specific solu­tions for your particular requirements.
Allen Filters has been-and will remain-committed to using the best available technology in the design and pro­duction of our equipment. We are continuing to innovate with the use of software technologies like he use of solid­state and PLC-driven equipment. 


Corporate Overview
Allen Filters Inc.