Allen Coalescer-Separator


Allen Coalescer-Separator
Allen Coalescer-Separator


Removes water from oil, diesel, or jet fuel down to 50 wppm total water

Removes solids larger than 5 μm

Restores flash point and viscosity to as-new conditions

Economical, disposable high-load filter elements



Diesel fuel

Aviation fuel

Industrial oils

Pharmaceutical oils


The Allen Coalescer-Separator system (ACS) is designed
to dehydrate and filter water, solids, sludge, and gases
on many different types of fluids. The ACS removes free
and emulsified water down to the saturation level. The
type of oil used, the kinds of additives in the oil, and the
temperature of the oil determines the saturation level. For
a typical ISO 32 turbine light oil at 100°F (37.8°C), the saturation
level is approximately 150 wppm. The ACS uses a
combination of coalescer and separator filter elements designed
to provide the most efficient filtration possible. It
comes equipped with an automatic water drain trap that
allows for continuous removal of water while the unit is
in full operation. The complete ACS System consists of a
pump/motor, pre-filter vessel, a coalescer-separator vessel,
and an optional final filter. The ACS is also available
individually as the coalescer-separator vessel only. For
clean, dry fluids the ACS provides a proven solution that
quickly pays for itself.

ATF Specifications

36–48 in
(91.4–121.9 cm))
48–60 in
(121.9–152.4 cm)
48–60 in
(121.9–152.4 cm)
1,500–2,500 lb
(680.4–1,134.0 kg)
Flow Rate
300–2,500 gal/hr
(1,135.6–9,463.5 L/hr)
Water Removal
> 50 wppm
Particulate Removal
> 0.5 μm
As-new condition
Flash Point
As-new condition
Inlet Strainer
200 mesh, 80 μm
Coalescer Element
Up to 8
Separator Element
Up to 5
Power Supply
480 V, 60 Hz, 3-phase
380 V, 50 Hz, 3-phase
230 V, 60 Hz, 3-phase
Operating Pressure
150 psi
(1,034,213.6 Pa)
Inlet Connections
NPT or RF flanged, Schedule 40
Outlet Connections
NPT or RF flanged, Schedule 40
Water Drain
Automatic, dual-specific gravity type
Safety Shutdown Alarms
Low Flow
High differential pressure
System Gauges & Indicators
Differential pressure>
Flow Meter
Code Construction

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