Allen filters vessel Series

Every vessel in the Allen Vessel Series is designed for efficiency and ease of operations in each specific application. Equipment
quality is guaranteed and technical assistance is offered so that you get the best reclaiming process available. Allen
Filters Vessel Series are available with a wide variety of media elements, the choice of which is dependent upon the type
of fluid to be filtered and purified. Let the experts at Allen Filters Inc. advise you on the best methods of re-using your
precious industrial fluids.


Allen Filters Vessel Series

Allen Process Tank

Allen Process Tanks (APT) are designed for economical oil
reclaiming and storage.

Allen Filter Vessel

The Allen Filter Vessel (AFM) is designed in an array of
types and sizes to meet the specific needs of your situation.
The AFM comes in duplex or simplex models and
can use most filter elements available. These units can be
equipped with band heaters that can quickly heat a fluid
stream up to 180°F (82.2°C).

Allen Strainer Vessel

The Allen Strainer Vessel (ASV) is designed for efficiency and
ease of operation, especially suited for very high flow rates
and chemical filtration where other filter elements would
disintegrate. Standard design features include: flow direction
from outside to inside the strainer elements, a dished
bottom to separate the clean fluid compartment from the
dirty for draining and cleaning, removable gasketed top
cover for easy cleaning, and highly chemical-resistant elements.

Allen Filters Inc.