Allen Process Tank


Allen Process Tank
Allen Process Tank


Full cover with handles

Sight gauge glasses

NPT connections for inlet, outlet, overflow, and drains

Gallon indicator markings


Machining oils



Synthetic oil

Hydraulic oil


Allen Process Tanks (APT) are designed for economical oil
reclaiming and storage. Separation of heavy solids, suspended
water, and other foreign material is more efficient
when natural settling occurs in a cone bottom vessel. The
APT can be equipped with a ladder, platform, and immersion
heater for accelerated separation. The removable
cover allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. The APT
comes equipped with all necessary and desired connections.
Solids, sludge, and water are easily drained off the
bottom through the drain valve. The overflow port allows
for any excess to drain without flooding the tank. The inlet
and outlet ports can be NPT or RF flanged connections.
The sight glass runs the length of the APT and contains
gallon markings for easy fluid level readings. A transfer
pump and motor set can be used to refill drums, transfer
to clean tanks, or refill sumps. Residual fine solids can be
removed with a companion AFM or ASV.

AVP Specifications

Outside Diameter
28.5–60 in
(72.4–152.4 cm)
79–134 in
(200.7–340.4 cm)
Tank Height
36.5–70 in
(92.7–177.8 cm)
725–2,500 lb
(328.9–1,134.0 kg)
120–1,000 gal
(454.2–3,785.4 L)
Water Removal
Suspended water
Particulate Removal
Heavy solids
Inlet Connections
NPT or RF flanged
Outlet Connections
NPT or RF flanged
NPT or RF flanged
NPT with ball valve
Materials of Construction
Carbon Steel
System Gauges & Indicators
Gauge glass
Gallon indicator markings
Code Construction

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