Allen Tap Changer Filter


Allen Tap Changer Filter


Extends the tap changers life by restoring the oils dielectric strength

Reduces oil changes

Reduces solid particles down to 5 μm

Designed for continuous operation or on a schedule with the on-board timer

Removes water with optional water and solids filter element


Tap changers

Insulating oil


The Allen Tap Changer Filter system (ATF) provides optimal
conditions for oil-filled transformer tap changers
used in a variety of circumstances all over the world. The
ATF increases reliability and service life of the tap changer
as well as reduces the overall cost of the maintenance program.
The ATF provides solid, proven, and exclusive benefits
that allow for cost-effective operation and reduced
oil changes while decreasing the risk of explosion or damaging
arcing. The programmable logic controlled touch
panel makes it easy to operate the timer or manage any
of the functions of the ATF. Continued use of an ATF on
a transformer tap changer will restore the oils dielectric
strength and remove particle contamination down to 5
μm. The ATF has proven itself over the years as the investment
that provides the power industry a reliable, sustainable,
and feasible solution to the challenges of managing
a transformer tap changer.

ATF Specifications

48 in
(121.9 cm)
60 in
(152.4 cm)
12 in
(30.5 cm)
260 lb
(117.9 kg)
Flow Rate
3 or 5 gal/min
(11.4 or 18.9 L/min)
Water Removal
Optional filter element
Particulate Removal
> 5 μm
Solids filter element
0.5 hp (372.8 W) TEFC electric,
Power Supply
480 V, 60 Hz, 3-phase
380 V, 50 Hz, 3-phase
230 V, 60 Hz, 3-phase
110 V, 60 Hz, 1-phase
Operating Pressure
120 psi max.
(827,370.9 Pa))
Inlet Connections
0.75 in (1.9 cm), NPT
Outlet Connections
0.75 in (1.9 cm), NPT
Controls Interface
Programmable logic controller
Forward/reverse switch
Touch screen interface (optional)
Emergency stop
Safety Shutdown Alarms
Differential pressure switch
Cabinet flood switch
System Gauges & Indicators
Differential pressure>
Cabinet temperature
Materials of Construction
NEMA 4 enclosure
Code Construction

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