Allen Filters Hydroscav Oil Purifier


Allen Filters Hydroscav Oil Purifier


Removes 100% of free and emulsified water

Removes dissolved water down to 50 wppm

Removes 100% of dissolved hydrocarbon gases

Removes 100% of dissolved air

Removes solids larger than 5 microns


Steam turbine lubrication oil

Hydraulic oil

Compressor lubrication oil

Gear oil



The Allen Hydroscav Oil Purifier system (AHS) uses filtration
and thermal dehydration to remove solids and moisture
from almost all types of oils including lubrication,
hydraulic, synthetic, compressor, diesel fuel, vegetable,
and gear oils. The AHS can remove 100% of free and emulsified
water down to 50 wppm. The AHS is equipped to remove
solid particles down to 5 μm, as well as remove 100%
of dissolved hydrocarbon gases and air trapped in the oil.
The AHS is designed with programmable logic controls
for continuous and unattended operation. The AHS comes
pre-wired, pre-piped, and has a compact frame which allows
for easy installation and accessibility of components
for servicing. The AHS is the most efficient and productive
oil purifier on the market today. As the industry leader in
oil purification, the AHS is the most cost-effective solution
for great purification, extending the life of the oil and
the capital equipment that oil protects.

AHS Specifications

48–72 in
(121.9–182.9 cm)
72 in
(182.9 cm)
48–72 in
(121.9–182.9 cm)
400–2,000 lb
(181.4–907.2 kg)
Flow Rate
100–2,000 gal/hr
(378.5–7,570.8 L/hr)
Water Removal
> 50 wppm
Particulate Removal
> 5 μm
Dissolved and Entrained Gas
Solid filter element > 1 μm
Positive displacement duplex gear pump
Power Supply
480 V, 60 Hz, 3-phase
380 V, 50 Hz, 3-phase
230 V, 60 Hz, 3-phase
230 V, 60 Hz, 1-phase
Operating Temperature
Operating Pressure
30–250 psi
(206,842.7–1,723,689.3 Pa)
Inlet Connections
NPT or RF flanged
Outlet Connections
NPT or RF flanged
Controls Interface
Programmable logic controller
Variable frequency drive
Adjustable temperature controller
Safety breakers and switches
Materials of Construction
Carbon steel
Safety Shutdown Alarms
No flow
High heat
System Gauges & Indicators
Code Construction

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