Allen filters system Series

In-plant filtration of all types of oils and industrial fluids can be a literal lifesaver for your expensive equipment. In
fact, routine fluid maintenance is one of the most inexpensive, yet effective procedures you can perform in extending
the life of your machinery and avoiding costly downtime. You reduce the ever increasing expense of purchasing
new fluids, replacement parts, and costly labor hours. The Allen Filters System Series is designed to provide filtration
and purification systems for almost every need industrial users have.


Allen System Series

Allen Oil Conditioner

The Allen Oil Conditioner (AOC) is used to dehydrate, degasify,
and purify insulating, lubricating, hydraulic, mineral,
and synthetic oils that are used all over the world.

Allen Hydroscav Oil Purifier

The Allen Hydroscav Oil Purifier system (AHS) uses filtration
and thermal dehydration to remove solids and moisture
from almost all types of oils including lubrication,
hydraulic, synthetic, compressor, diesel fuel, vegetable,
and gear oils.

Allen Tap Changer Filter

The Allen Tap Changer Filter system (ATF) provides optimal
conditions for oil-filled transformer tap changers
used in a variety of circumstances all over the world.

Allen Coalescer-Separator

The Allen Coalescer-Separator system (ACS) is designed
to dehydrate and filter water, solids, sludge, and gases
on many different types of fluids. The ACS removes free
and emulsified water down to the saturation level.

Allen Portable Filter

The Allen Portable Filter system (AVP) is ideal for applications where multiple machine locations and varying
fluid types require mobility and flexibility.

Allen Continuous Filter

The Allen Continuous Filter system (ACF) is designed and
crafted to provide reliable continuous filtration and purification by removing numerous contaminants from all
types of fluids, passing the fluid through a high-grade
filter at full flow.

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