History of Allen Filters

Allen Filters Inc. was established in 1948 by James C. Al­len and his son Albert S. Allen as a pioneer in environ­mental technology. The company began manufacturing and distributing diesel fuel injection nozzles as well as industrial filter vessels and elements. In 1956, Albert Al­len succeeded his father as president of the company. In the late 1950s, Albert Allen patented his innovative de­sign for vacuum oil purifiers known in the industry as the Allen Oil Conditioner. This product is designed to remove water and gas contamination from industrial machinery oils. As early as the 1960s, Allen Filters was involved globally with filter vessels installed at compressor stations on the Trans-Arabian gas pipeline in Saudi Arabia.

In 1964, Catherine H. Allen became the president upon her husband’s death. She kept the company focused on the ability to provide a complete system solution for custom­ers’ requirements. Allen Filters continued to manufacture these custom units and has sold to industries worldwide including refineries, gas processing facilities, power gen­erating plants, pulp and paper, automotive, food process­ing, steel, and aluminum mills. The product line evolved to include multiple methods for removing contaminants from oil such as strainers, clay treatment units, coalescer filters, and the Hydroscav.

In 1988, Katherine Allen left her profession as a manage­ment consultant to join the family business. In 2000, she became the third generation President/CEO. She has con­tinued her family’s legacy to be a leader in stewarding the environment and equipping the world with the highest quality filtertration equipment.

Throughout the decades Allen Filters bas supplied over 375,000 pieces of equipment to over 75,000 customers worldwide. As Allen’s cornerstone, its founder’s princi­ples remain: Purify, Recycle, Save.


Allen Filters Inc.