Allen Strainer Vessel


Allen Strainer Vessel
Allen Strainer Vessel


Easily removed and cleaned for re-use

Absolute micron particle removal at extremely high flow rates

Chemical changes will not occur during filtration

Designed for years of high performance operation with minimum service requirements


All types of oils

Industrial waters



Hydraulic oil

Food processing fluids


The Allen Strainer Vessel (ASV) is designed for efficiency and
ease of operation, especially suited for very high flow rates
and chemical filtration where other filter elements would
disintegrate. Standard design features include: flow direction
from outside to inside the strainer elements, a dished
bottom to separate the clean fluid compartment from the
dirty for draining and cleaning, removable gasketed top
cover for easy cleaning, and highly chemical-resistant elements.
The stainless strainer elements can withstand up
to 100 psi (689,475.7 Pa) of differential pressure and are
completely backwashable for continued use. The ASV can
be ASME code-designed and is approved for hi-shock and
marine installations. The ASV is easily installed using your
existing connections and piping and come in simplex, parallel, or duplex models.

AVP Specifications

Outside Diameter
8–60 in
(20.32–152.4 cm)
34 in
(86.4 cm)
100–3,400 lb
(45.4–1,542.2 kg)
Flow Rate
10–6,500 gal/hr
(37.9–24,605.2 L/hr)
Particulate Removal
> 5 μm
Element Capacity
Operating Temperature
250°F (121.1°C) max.
Operating Pressure
150 psi (1,034,213.6 Pa) max.
Inlet Connections
NPT or RF flanged
Outlet Connections
NPT or RF flanged
Materials of Construction
Carbon Steel
System Gauges & Indicators
Code Construction

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