Allen filter elements

Allen Filter Elements are designed with the industry’s greatest surface area for filtration and purification on the
market today. We still manufacture our elements in the time-honored tradition with hand-sewn materials and solid
construction designed for moderate to heavy solids and waters loading. When you need a quality filter element to
protect your investment and precious oils, depend on a filter element made by Allen Filters Inc.


Allen Filter Elements

Fuller’s Earth

The Fullers Earth Filter Element (FE) is designed to adsorb
acids and remove color for the purification of transformer
oil, electro-hydraulic oil, lubrication oil, transmission oil,
and vegetable oil. It can also be used in wine filtration and

Stacked Disk Solids

The Stacked Disk Solids Filter Element (FM) is designed
with the 25 square feet surface area for filtration—the
most on the market today. The FM is hand-sewn and made
with solid construction to last several years with moderate
solids loading.


The Cellulose Filter Element (CF) is designed to remove
varnish and adsorb the moisture in transformer oil, electro-
hydraulic oil, lubrication oil, transmission fluid, vegetable
oil, wine filtration, water & waste water filtration,
and diesel fuel.

Activated Carbon

The Activated Carbon Filter Element (AC) adsorption process uses forces of molecular attraction to bind soluble
and gaseous chemicals to the surface of the carbon. The
process retains and accumulates toxic chemicals present
in wastes, yet does not chemically alter them. The AC has
a large surface area that can adsorb relatively large quantities of material per unit weight of carbon.

Activated Alumina

The Activated Alumina Filter Element (AA) is used for solvent, fluoride, selenium, and arsenic adsorption as well as
acid control in water and waste water filtration. Activated
Alumina has a very high surface-area-to-weight ratio. It
has a lot of very small pores, almost like tunnels, that run
throughout it making it a perfect way to filter and purify

Duck Cloth

The Duck Cloth Filter Element (DC) is designed to be used
in the adsorption of solids and moisture from solvents,
diesel, jet fuel, and kerosene. The DC can filter particles
greater than 30 μm.


The Polypropylene Solids Filter Element (PP) is a stacked
disk filter element designed for high temperature filtration
and purification needs. The PP filter element is used
for transformer, electro-hydraulic, lubrication, and vegetable oils, transmission fluid, and waste/water filtration.


The Microfiber Filter Element (MW) is designed to adsorb
oil from water. The MW filter element is produced from
100% melt blown microfiber that can absorb up to 15
times its weight in oil while allowing the purified water to
pass right through. The MW filter element is best suited
for separating petroleum-based fluids from water, moist
air, and other gases. It is available from 0.5 to 10 μm filter

Stainless Strainer

The Stainless Strainer Filter Element (SS) is designed to be
reused again and again by backwashing the filter element.
It is constructed completely of corrosion-resistant stainless
steel and designed for high-flow capacity


The Coalescer Filter Element (CE) provides a cost effective
particle and emulsified water removal element for hydrocarbon
fluids. The CE filter elements are employed as the
first stage in coalescer/separator vessels. The CE perform
two functions, first they coalesce or combine highly dispersed,
emulsified water particles into larger water drops
and secondly they filter-out particulate contaminants. The
CE works at 0.5 μm and 0.3 μm ratings.


The Separator Filter Element (SE) is employed as the second
stage in the coalescer/separator vessels. Their sole
function is to repel coalesced water drops produced by
the first-stage element while allowing hydrocarbon fluids
to pass through. The SE is replaced at the same time as the
CE filter element.

Allen Filters Inc.